New York Times Publishes Letter from OPP Co-Founder

As published in the New York Times on Novbember 28, 2011:

Lawrence Lessig suggests a $50 federal income tax credit for political campaign contributions. Oregon has had a similar $50 state income tax credit for decades ($100 on a joint return). It has worked well, with about 100,000 Oregon tax returns claiming about $8 million in tax credits annually. So the big-money-addicted Oregon legislators have repealed it, effective at the end of 2013, so they can focus on their main sources of financing — huge contributions from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals.

Portland, Ore.
Nov. 17, 2011

The writer is chief attorney for Fair Elections Oregon, the group that promulgated an Oregon statewide campaign finance reform law in 2006.

Lone Vet Out & About

We will return to the Hawthorne Bridge Friday at 1530 (3:30 PM.1st & Madison WS) This is an ongoing protest to remind people we are still at war, still supporting Israel with more than 3 Billion bucks to cause havoc in the Middle East. Each Friday more and more people understand why we are there and that is always encouraging when we feel cold and tired, please do something every day for Justice and Peace.

I had the pleasure of asking a few questions and listening to Commissioner Amanda Fritz explain why she should get our vote come next year to remain on the council. Mary Nolan was also present at the East Side Democratic Club. Both politicians gave opening remarks and took face to face questions for over two hours; it was fascinating for this old activist. In my opinion Commissioner Fritz won.

Mary Nolan came across arrogant and never really answered my question about why she is running against another woman on the council, when she could be running for Mayor Adams’ seat. I have a big problem with candidates who think they know more than the rest of us, Ms. Nolan is very bright but not as bright as the people of Portland. I said that if Comm. Fritz voted for rejoining the JTTF that would be a deal breaker for me and I would not vote for her reelection, I may have to rethink that problem when I cast my vote. We do have some time to make up our minds; I will never again vote for the lesser of two evils. There were two other surprises for Roberto and I.

We attended a meeting of the Charter Commission for the city and I was taken aback concerning their power. I did address them on two issues that cause me pain when dealing with our city. The first one is the terrible use of the police horses during the eviction of “Occupy Portland” from our parks. Roberto and I have often cringed about using animals to move crowds during demonstrations. Portland is often experiencing rain and that makes it very dangerous for our horses due to the sidewalks being so slippery. I ask that they consider retiring the horses. The second request, that our police be banned from using chemicals like teargas or pepper spray. They could effect change of both of these things by making changes to our charter. The city charter is like our constitution but on a local level, we shall see. I was the only constituent there from the city of Portland, I will let you know the next meeting and you should go if you are a citizen of Portland. There was also a great meeting of the Occupy PDX Labor Outreach group at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub, I love good beer and this group was fun to be around. It is very new but has great potential, besides the beer was very good. I got to give my speech about Occupy being co-opted by us old farts. I was glad that many established groups were also aware of not absorbing this wonderful movement and letting it be what it is.

There are lots of things to do, don’t worry about making mistakes, you will. Remember if you need to make a choice, just ask yourself if this decision helps others and you will be ok--if the answer is, it helps only me--don’t do it, move on.

Enjoy the holidays--I am not religious but love this time of the year!

NYT Editorial

Congratulations, Dan, for being recognized for your political insight by the Editor of New York Times.

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