Our Candidates Did Well in the 2012 General Election

The Oregon Progressive Party's candidates performed well in the 2012 general election.

Minor parties in Oregon are required to run at least one statewide candidate earning 1% or more of the vote. We ran 3 statewide candidates, and all of them exceeded 1%.

Our candidates for U.S. Representative did even better, earning from 3.1% to 4.2%. We cross-nominated the Democrat, Peter DeFazio, in the 4th Congressional District, and he won with 59% of the vote.

Our Candidate   Office Vote
Rocky Anderson
Robert Wolfe
Cameron Whitten
Chris Henry
Steven Reynolds
Woody Broadnax
Peter DeFazio
Secretary of State, Oregon
State Treasurer, Oregon
Attorney General, Oregon
U.S. Representative, 1st Dist
U.S. Representative, 3rd Dist
U.S. Representative, 4th Dist

Also, the candidates we endorsed in non-partisan races did well.  Brad Avakian won the statewide Labor Commissioner race.  Amanda Fritz won re-election to the Portland City Council.

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