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Proressive Party Candidate Rick Staggenborg Also Qualifies Party for 2012 Ballot Access

The final count in the November 2010 general election shows that the Progressive Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Rick Staggenborg, also earned the 1% of the vote necessary to earn the Progressive Party the right to place candidates on the 2012 Oregon general election ballot for all partisan races.

Way to go, Rick!

Progressive Party of Oregon's Voter Registration Drive Maintains Party's Right to Nominate Candidates

The Progressive Party of Oregon has preserved its right to nominate candidates for the November 2010 general election by growing from zero members in October 2009 to over 1,800 members today.

Anyone who wishes to run as a candidate of the Progressive Party should Consult this Page.

The organization began as the Peace Party in 2008. After party organizers filed well over the 20,000 voter signatures required to create a minor party in Oregon, the Party nominated Ralph Nader for President in 2008.

In September 2009, the Peace Party changed its name to the Progressive Party, because "Progressive" more accurately reflects the party's positions on social justice, consumer advocacy, environmental protection, and worker's rights, in addition to its dedication to peace. Unfortunately, the Oregon Legislature demands that, when a minor party changes its name, it loses its entire membership. Since then, the Progressive Party has rebuilt its membership to over 1,800 members. Because Mr. Nader received more than 1% of the vote in an Oregon statewide contest in 2008, the Party needed to achieve 1,380 registered members by August 4.

The Party will consider nominating a variety of candidates for the November 2010 general election.

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