Marc Koller announces candidacy for U.S. Representative in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District

Marc KollerExperienced Business Executive and Educator will run for seat now held by Earl Blumenauer

Today, local activist Marc Koller announced his candidacy for the U.S. Congress in Oregon’s 3rd Congressional District as an Independent with a wide array of endorsements.

“I’m proud and heartened to have received a tremendous amount of early support. With a career in corporate America and government contracting, I understand what it will take to transform our government from supporting the rich and powerful to a government whose sole purpose is to serve the people,” said Koller. “The 3rd District is unique in its diversity and commitment to turning progressive ideas into local and state laws that have become national ideas. But this district has for too long been lacking the leadership that will take on the corporate-controlled Republican and Democratic parties. We have an opportunity to send a clear message to them and American voters that we can elect truly independent candidates who will fight for the progressive agenda so many of us worked so hard and long for in supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign last year.”

Koller has received the endorsement of the Oregon Progressive Party and will seek its nomination in 2018, along with the nominations of the Independent Party of Oregon

and the Pacific Green Party. His campaign is working with over 50 organizations, both national and local, to address crucial healthcare needs with the Medicare-for-All program, vast wage inequality, environmental threats, humane immigration changes, and social justice.

“We face terrible crises in this country: a Congress where members of both duopoly parties are unwilling to remove a man whose agenda is driven by uncontrolled ego, pandering to the rich and powerful, encouraging racism/sexism, ignoring critical domestic problems, and bringing us to the brink of nuclear war,” said Koller.

“Koller has the vision and courage people are desperate to have in elected leaders, whether on domestic or foreign issues,” said David Delk, Chair of the Oregon Progressive Party. “From his background as a corporate executive and commitment to listening to voters--Republican, Democrats and Independents--Marc has shown that he cares more about progressive policies than about winning partisan political points. I am proud to endorse his candidacy.”

“The people in this district do not want another two years of the same Congressional rhetoric.” said Koller. “What they do want is to be represented by someone committed to advancing a progressive agenda based on satisfying the needs of all the people instead of just the bankers and Wall Street, the arms industry and other special interests of big pharma, big insurance and the fossil fuel industry. By electing a truly independent and progressive candidate, we can bring power back to our citizens. My sole concern in the U.S. House of Representatives will be to immediately respond to 3rd District people—and not with a form letter. My goal is to represent them—no one else—to the best of my abilities in Congress.”

Friends of Marc Koller Committee
10350 N. Vancouver Way #332
Portland, OR 97217

Marc's experience includes:

35 years in Private and Public companies · Positions include VP for Scudder Funds, VP for New England Funds and Director at Fidelity · Recent Director for Grass Valley in Hillsboro, Oregon · Ran Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business in Bethesda MD working with Department of Veterans Affairs, the US Navy, US Air Force and The World Bank · Learned how government contracts are awarded, and how to work with the Small Business Administration · Project Manager in Washington DC with the Department of Homeland Security; Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and the US Coast Guard · Taught H.S. as a Vocational Drafting Instructor · B S. Industrial Education, State University of New York: City College S.F.: Construction Technology · WPI: Management Science, Boston University: Human Resources

Oregon Progressive Party Endorses More Candidates

In addition to its earlier endorsements of Brad Avakian for the Democratic nomination for Secretary of State, Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President, and David Schor for Mayor of Portland, the Oregon Progressive Party (OPP) has endorsed these candidates running in the May 17 primary election:

  • Julian Bell in the Democratic Party primary for Governor
  • Dave McTeague in Democratic Party primary for U.S. Rep District 5
  • Tawna Sanchez in the Democratic Party primary for House District 43
  • Walt Trandum in the Democratic Party primary for House District 52

"These candidates support policies that are consistent with the platform of the Oregon Progressive Party," said Liz Trojan, a member of the OPP State Council.

OPP Endorses David Schor for Mayor of Portland

The Oregon Progressive Party (OPP) has endorsed David Schor, running for Mayor of Portland in the May 17 primary election.
"All the mayoral candidates have acknowledged that affordable housing is a strong need in Portland," said Liz Trojan, a member of the OPP State Council. "Only David has identified a source of funds to deal with the problem – a tax on those who do not currently pay social security tax on their incomes over the annual income cap of $118,500 per person."
"We still suffer from the too-big-to-fail bank-induced Great Recession.  David is the only candidate running who speaks continuously to the need for a municipal bank," said OPP Chair David Delk.

Jason Kafoury, Secretary of OPP, said, “With David, we get a true progressive who understands that taking on real campaign finance reform and the massive income inequality in our community are the top priorities for our next mayor."

OPP Endorses Bernie Sanders in Democratic Party's Primary

The Oregon Progressive Party (OPP) has endorsed Bernie Sanders for the Oregon Democratic primary election to conclude on May 17.

"Bernie is clearly the most progressive candidate in the Democratic race," said Liz Trojan, a member of the OPP State Council.  "His stances on important issues are quite consistent with our platform."

Here is a summary of the Oregon Progressive Party's Platform

"Bernie is the only candidate in the Democratic Party's primary who is not dependent on big money from Wall Street, fossil fuel companies, drug companies, military contractors, and others who profit from human misery," said OPP Chair David Delk.

"Bernie has been a true progressive for decades and is actually still not a member of the Democratic Party," noted Jason Kafoury, Secretary of OPP.  "He has always been elected as non-affiliated with a political party, and Vermont has no party registration system at all."

Oregon Progressive Party members cannot vote in the Democratic primary, unless they change their registrations to Democratic.  Doing that, however, can jeopardize the continued existence of the Oregon Progressive Party, which needs to maintain a certain level of membership in order to be recognized as a political party under Oregon law.  "If you switch your registration to Democratic in order to vote for Bernie Sanders, please switch it back to "Progressive Party" after the May 17 primary," added Jason Kafoury.

Party Endorses Some Oregon Ballot Measures, Opposes Others

The Oregon Progressive Party has endorsed these measures on the 2014 Oregon general election ballot:

Measure 88 (referendum): Provides Oregon resident "driver card" without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States.

Measure 89 (initiative): Amends Constitution: State/political subdivision shall not deny or abridge equality of rights on account of sex.

Measure 91 (initiative): Allows possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana by/to adults, subject to state licensing, regulation, taxation.

Measure 92 (initiative): Requires food manufacturers, retailers to label "genetically engineered" foods as such; state, citizens may enforce.

The Oregon Progressive Party opposes these measures on the 2014 Oregon general election ballot:

Measure 90 (initiative): Changes general election nomination processes: provides for single primary ballot listing candidates; top two advance.

Oregon Progressive Party Endorses Candidates for Portland Mayor and City Commissioner

On March 13, 2012, the Oregon Progressive Party endorsed these candidates for Portland Mayor and City Commissioner (in alphabetical order by office sought):

Mayor:  Cameron Whitten, Jefferson Smith

City Commissioner #1:  Amanda Fritz, Teressa Raiford

City Commissioner #4:  Mark White

"There was lively debate, and we appreciate the efforts of the candidates to convey to us their qualifications and positions on the issues," said David Hess, Treasurer of the Oregon Progressive Party.

Progressive Party Nominates Candidates for 2010

The Progressive Party of Oregon has nominated the following candidates for the November 2010 general election:

        Oregon State Treasurer:       Walt Brown
        U.S. Senate:                  Rick Staggenborg
        U.S. Congress, 1st District:  Chris Henry
        U.S. Congress, 3rd District:  Michael Meo
        U.S. Congress, 4th District:  Peter DeFazio
        U.S. Congress, 5th District:  Chris Lugo

A party can nominate candidates only in "partisan" races. It can endorse candidates in any race. The Progressive Party has endorsed:

        Metro Council President:       Bob Stacey

Progressive Party of Oregon endorses Rick Metsger for State Treasurer

The Progressive Party Oregon, the state's newest political party, has endorsed State Senator Rick Metsger for the office of State Treasurer.

The endorsement was based on Senator Metsger's long history of standing up to powerful interests and looking out for the average person.

Rick Metsger was the chief co-sponsor (along with Senator Vicki Walker) of SB 408 (2005), which stopped the private utilities from charging Oregon ratepayers for "income taxes" that the utilities actually never paid. These charges had amounted to over $1 billion since 1997. "The result was a rate reduction of $37 million for PGE customers due to their tax overpayments to PGE in 2006 and additional reductions since then," said Dan Meek, press secretary for the Progressive Party.

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