Get it right Regressives!

Our nation is rife with negative political rhetoric. Whether intentional or not, much of it is misdirected, and misunderstood. Consider the popular attack word fascist. Many believe being called a fascist, labels them as unpatriotic and despicable; and this explains its popularity as a rhetorical tool.

Referencing Webster’s, Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries, and Britannica, Grolier and Encarta encyclopedias, I looked up the contemporary meaning of fascism. By paraphrasing my findings, I can summarize its meaning and use. Fascism is “a radical, authoritarian nationalist political ideology, which seeks a nation organized according to corporatist perspectives and values, including the nation’s political and economic systems.”

Moreover, because neocon ideology dominates the Republican Party, it’s only fair to include the emerging term “neo-fascist” as well. Paraphrasing again, “neo-fascists consider certain religious movements and their intrusion into US politics by groups such as evangelical Christians, to be a representative form of theocratic neo-fascism.”
Clearly, the combined definitions are in complete opposition with Progressive ideology. So before you Republicans and Tea Partyists reveal your ignorance, look in a mirror and please stop calling Democrats and Progressives fascists!

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