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Hanford Hearings on May 16, 2012

Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state is in danger of being designated a national nuclear waste dump site in spite of vast quantities of nuclear waste already on site which is leaking into the Columbia River.

Should this happen, 20,000 to 30,000 truck loads of nuclear waste could start traveling on Oregon highways carrying the waste for storage at Hanford. A US Department of Energy study concluded that over 800 death would result. However, we know that the number would be much higher as they used the average adult male to obtain the figure. Women and children would die at a higher rate than adult males.

Beyond the danger from leaking radiation, accident or terrorist attacks could happen. If that happened on a freeway in Portland, hundred of square miles would need to be evacuated, economic activity would be disrupted up and as many as 1000 people could die.

The state of Washington could say no to the plan. They have the right to refuse shipments of chemical wastes at Hanford. Nuclear waste is not pure but is a toxic stew of nuclear and chemical waste and therefore subject to regulation by the State of Washington.

The Washington Dept. of Ecology will hold a public hearing at which you can comment. The meeting date/time is Wed. May 16th at 7 PM at Red Lion Jantzen Beach. Heart of America NW will hold a pre-hearing learning session starting at 6:15. They are the main advocates for clean-up of Hanford.

Additional information is available at the Alliance for Democracy website at, including two 5 minutes YouTube videos containing good talking points.

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