Who Belongs in Jail?

Useful Free Seminar Series

Civics for Adults: Workshops to Enhance Civic Knowledge and Inspire Political Engagement
An Occupy Portland – “Our School” Workshop Series

Participatory democracy is an illusion if people aren’t involved. Understanding how government works and meaningful civic engagement are necessary, especially in these times of powerful anti-democratic interests. We can’t just give up. If anything, we have to work harder. And, be smarter. And, work together. That’s what we’ll do in these workshops.

Facilitator: Donna L Cohen, M.Ed. M.L.I.S. dcohen@dcoheninfo.com
Tuesday nights, 6:30-8:30, June 19, 2012 – July 31, 2012 [except for July 3]
Concordia University, George R. White Library
NE 29th and NE Rosa Parks Way
Community Room [Ground floor, east end of the library, 29 th St side]

Seattle Weekly Writes of Our Candidate for Congress

In Oregon, #OWS Has a Golden Opportunity to Get a Representative In Congress

by Krist Novoselic
Seattle Weekly
December 22, 2011

Krist and StevenKrist Novoselic, seen here with Steven Reynolds, was the founding bassist in Nirvana, and is the chairman of Fair Vote.

Occupy Wall Street has an extraordinary opportunity with next month's special election for Oregon's U.S. House District 1. One of the four candidates on the ballot that voters will receive in the mail is Steven Reynolds, the nominee of the Oregon Progressive Party. This group's platform is a virtual mirror of OWS issues. It's all there: anti-corporate personhood, controls on banking, and an equitable democratic system, among other proposals.    Read more ...

Bank Transfer Day Rally

Bring Our Money Home!
(what's left of it)

From the organizers of Occupy Portland:

Opening a new account at the local credit union or community owned bank (such as Albina Community Bank in Portland).  Then you can start moving your money when you want.

Saturday, November 5:

9:30 AM -  Gather at Terry Shrunk Plaza (between 3rd & 4th Avenues, Jefferson and Madison Streets; directly east of Portland City Hall).

10:00 AM - Rally and actions at Portland’s big banks.  Draw attention to the financial crimes committed by the Wall Street banks.  March to local branches of financial institutions.

10:30 AM - Account Opening Action at credit unions and community banks open on Saturday for this purpose.

Some banks and credit unions spend a lot of time trying to “look local,” but as a movement we need to cut through the marketing campaigns and get the facts.  The Oregon Banks Local campaign has researched every bank and credit union doing business in the state to objectively measure which institutions are truly local and is working together with Occupy Portland to celebrate Bank Transfer Day in style.
Sponsored by: Occupy Portland and Oregon Banks Local (OregonBanksLocal.org); endorsed by Portland Jobs with Justice
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