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Progressive Party Takes Stands on Ballot Measures

The Progressive Party of Oregon on October 8 announced its endorsements on Oregon's statewide ballot measures and one Portland measure.

Measure 74: YES.
Establishes medical marijuana supply system (licensed dispensaries) and assistance and research programs.  Measure 74 would bring medical marijuana under stricter state control and state taxation.

Measure 75: NO.
Authorizes a large privately-owned casino in Multnomah County.  Measure 75 would expand the victimization of Oregon families by easy access to addictive gambling.  It would also suck nearly $100 million per year out of the Oregon economy to pay the owners of the new casino.

Portland Measure 26-108:  YES.
Continues Portland's "voter-owned elections" system of providing limited matching campaign funds to candidates for City Commission or Auditor who qualify by raising $5,000 or $7,500 from contributions of $5 per person or less.  Once qualified for public funding, the candidates cannot accept campaign contributions from any source.


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