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Oregon Progressive Party Nominates Rocky Anderson for President

Ralph and RockyAt a press conference in Portland today, Ralph Nader introduced and announced his support for Rocky Anderson as the 2012 nominee of the Oregon Progressive Party for President of the United States.

The Oregon Progressive Party is a ballot-qualified minor party in Oregon.  It was created by voter petition as the Peace Party in 2008 and that year nominated Ralph Nader for President.  The party changed its name in 2009 to the Oregon Progressive Party to reflect its broader platform.

Rocky Anderson is the progressive former 2-term Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah.  He has now obtained the Presidential general election ballot in 3 states--which is 3 more states than Ralph Nader had obtained at this stage in 2008 on his way to appearing on the ballot in 45 states.

Should OPP Nominate Rocky Anderson for President 2012?

The State Nominating Panel of the Oregon Progressive Party seeks feedback from party members on the prospect of nominating Rocky Anderson to run as our candidate for President of the United States in the November 2012 election.

Rocky Anderson is actively seeking our nomination.  His positions on issues closely match those of the Oregon Progressive Party.  Ralph Nader favors his candidacy over all others.  If nominated by the Oregon Progressive Party, he has promised to campaign actively in Oregon.

Here is his impressive biography:  Perhaps most impressive is his election and reelection as the notably progressive Mayor of Salt Lake City in a state that has voted all Republican in federal elections for decades and voted for a non-Republican for President only once in the past 60 years (Lyndon Johnson in 1964).

Here is his Wikipedia page:
Here are some videos of his recent appearances:

If you are a member of the Oregon Progressive Party, you can provide feedback by sending email to (with Rocky in the subject) or by posting comments on this item.


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