Proressive Party Candidate Rick Staggenborg Also Qualifies Party for 2012 Ballot Access

The final count in the November 2010 general election shows that the Progressive Party candidate for U.S. Senate, Rick Staggenborg, also earned the 1% of the vote necessary to earn the Progressive Party the right to place candidates on the 2012 Oregon general election ballot for all partisan races.

Way to go, Rick!

Rick Staggenborg's Voters Pamphlet Statement

Rick Staggenborg for United States Senate

Occupation: Physician

Occupational Background: Psychiatrist, US Army Medical Corps, Medical Director of a County Mental Health Agency, Veterans Administration (VA) psychiatrist and Acting Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health Services for the Roseburg VA Health Service Center. Currently serving as a volunteer for the national council of the Alliance for Democracy and founder of Soldiers For Peace International.

Educational Background: Woodrow Wilson High School, Portland State University (BS in Psychology and Biology), Oregon Health Sciences Center (completed residency training at the University of New Mexico).

Prior Governmental Experience: No elective office, but extensive familiarity with Federal government bureauocracy through my work with the VA. * * *

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