Oregonian Reports on Progressive DeFazio's "Tax Rebellion"

December 9, 2010
by Charles Pope

WASHINGTON -- House Democrats on Thursday emphatically rejected the tax deal President Barack Obama forged with Republicans, insisting that no votes be taken on the package until it is substantially changed.

The declaration came in response to a proposal by Rep. Peter DeFazio that the proposal extending for two years tax cuts for all earners -- even the richest Americans -- bill be kept from the House floor until it is reopened and changed.

The near-unanimous voice vote by the Democratic caucus came soon after DeFazio offered his resolution during an early-morning, closed meeting. And while the vote is not binding and is not likely to kill the agreement, it underscored the anger and unhappiness House Democrats have with the deal and the way the White House conducted negotiations.

In arguing for the ban, DeFazio called the bill "inherently defective" because it rewards the richest American and adds $800 billion to the national debt.    Read more ...

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