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Robert Wolfe's Voters Pamphlet Statement

Secretary of State

Robert Wolfe


Occupation: Selling Oregon wines worldwide (25 years)

Occupational Background: Journalist, with investigative reporting awards

Educational Background: College

Prior Governmental Experience: None (enough)


Kate Brown’s policies stop normal citizens from using Oregon’s initiative process. Her arbitrary and hyper-technical requirements discard over 40% of all voter signatures, so only big corporations and unions can afford to use the system.

2000-02 saw 13 progressive measures on the Oregon ballot, including guaranteed school funding, single-payer health care, and the nation’s highest minimum wage.

2008-10, with Kate Brown’s bad rules, saw only ONE progressive measure on the Oregon ballot (medical marijuana dispensaries).


In 2006, Oregon voters enacted Measure 47 the nation’s strictest limits on campaign contributions, while requiring political ads to disclose their funding sources and amounts.

Kate Brown refuses to enforce Measure 47, so campaign spending on Oregon races has continued to skyrocket from $4 million in 1996 to $57 million in 2010 (not including Congress). Individual Legislative candidates spend up to $1 million and more. Oregon politicians spend more on legislative races, per capita, than in any state except New Jersey. (Oregonian (4/6/2010))

Kate Brown “has been silent on campaign finance reform and otherwise largely invisible,” says Willamette Week (5/25/2012). In 2008 she smashed the record for Secretary of State campaign spending ($1.2 million), taking contributions as high as $135,000 from a single union and over $116,000 from lawyers and lobbyists.


As “Auditor in Chief,” Kate Brown’s accountants “audited” the Oregon Department of Revenue 3 times in the past 2 years but failed to detect huge fraudulent tax refunds, including a $2.1 million refund in 2012 to a woman who had never reported significant income. TurboTax discovered this fraud that Kate Brown missed. What else is out there?


Kate Brown approved a 65% increase in clear-cutting in Oregon’s largest state forest (Elliott).

(This information furnished by Robert Wolfe.)

Chris Henry for U.S. Congress -- Voter's Pamphlet Statement

Chris Henry     Oregon District 1 US Rep. Candidate

Pacific Green, Progressive

Occupation: Teamster Linehaul Driver, Yellow Roadway Corporation (YRC); Executive Director, Portland Metro Greens Chapter (PGP); Undergraduate Student, Portland State University (PSU)

Occupational Background: Union Truck Driver; Union Aircraft Mechanic

Educational Background: Portland State University, Communication Studies, emphasis: Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies; Clackamas Community College, Communications

Progressive Party Voter Pamphlet Statement

Vote for Candidates with “Progressive” or “PRO” next to their names.

The Peace Party of Oregon was formed by voter petition in 2008.
We changed the name from Peace Party to Progressive Party to reflect a boader agenda:  economic justice, human rights, environmental protection, and grassroots democracy, as well as avoiding military adventurism.

We are very different from the Establishment parties.

Rick Staggenborg's Voters Pamphlet Statement

Rick Staggenborg for United States Senate

Occupation: Physician

Occupational Background: Psychiatrist, US Army Medical Corps, Medical Director of a County Mental Health Agency, Veterans Administration (VA) psychiatrist and Acting Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health Services for the Roseburg VA Health Service Center. Currently serving as a volunteer for the national council of the Alliance for Democracy and founder of Soldiers For Peace International.

Educational Background: Woodrow Wilson High School, Portland State University (BS in Psychology and Biology), Oregon Health Sciences Center (completed residency training at the University of New Mexico).

Prior Governmental Experience: No elective office, but extensive familiarity with Federal government bureauocracy through my work with the VA. * * *

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