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Citizens Allowed to Speak, Only After Joe Walsh Demands It

By Roberto Lovato

Dave, Howdy, Joe Walsh, Malcolm Chaddock, and I attended the 2:00pm city council rate hikes meeting at the Portland building yesterday.  Joe said that "if he was not allowed to testify",  then he would get arrested for speaking out. There was a confrontation with Mayor Sam, who relented and activists were allowed to speak after Department presentations were made. When activists were allowed to speak on the issues or water, sewer, and garbage rate hikes, they thanked Mr. Walsh for making a fuss to make testimony possible. Joe did not have to get arrested to make his point. I yelled out during the confrontation,"This is a democracy, not a dictatorship". I feel that, because of this action that Amanda Fritz voted no on the issue and the full rate hikes were not voted in. Check out the KATU Video .

Friends, we are lucky to have Joe Walsh on our side.
I saw maybe 30 NO rate hike activists at this meeting. We are on the streets making a difference: Individuals for Justice & Oregon Progressive Party.
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