On-Line Voter Registration Now Available

If you have an Oregon driver's license or State ID card, you can now Register to Vote On-Line or change your existing registration (address, party membership, etc.).

If not, you can download and print a PDF voter registration form, fill it out, sign it, and mail it in.

Download Oregon's voter registration form

Descargar el registro de votantes de Oregon forma

Print out the form. Mark the circle next to Progressive Party. Sign it. Mail it to your county elections office (addresses are on the second page of the form). Don't forget the 49 cent stamp (or a "forever stamp")! You do not need to send in the second page of the form.

If you are already registered and are simply changing your registration to the Progressive Party, you do not need to send in any of the ID materials mentioned on the form (driver's license, etc.).

Also, if you go to the county elections office or the Post Office to get a registration form, it may not offer you the choice of the Progressive Party. At the county elections office, be sure to ask for the correct form--the one that includes the Progressive Party--and ask them to offer only that form to everyone.

Update: Voter registration forms listing the Progressive Party are now available from the Oregon Secretary of State, who is distributing them to county elections offices. But some of those offices are still trying to use the old forms.