Rally: No Fast Track Authority, No NAFTA style trade agreements

Rally before Sen Wyden's Portland Town Hall Meeting

Saturday, January 3, 2:00 PM, (Town Hall meeting starts at 2:30 PM)
Portland Community College, SE Campus
SE 82nd and Division

Sen Wyden is having a series of town hall meetings and, at this one in Portland, we will rally to let Sen Wyden know that we do not support the same old Fast Track Authority (FTA) which he has opposed in the past. FTA has been used in the past to speed corporate trade agreements (like NAFTA, CAFTA and the most recent US So Korea Agreement) through Congress without the usual democratic process - FTA allows limited debate and no amendments. More information on other town halls meeting is available on the Economic Justice Action Group of 1st Unitarian Church website at http://www.ejag.org/events.html

Sen. Wyden has indicated that he is working with Republican Senator Hatch, new chair of the Senate Finance Committee, to present a modified Fast Track Authority bill for approval as one of the most pressing pieces of business for the new session of Congress.  But if that modified FTA does not allow Congress to fully debate the agreements presented and allow amendments to the agreements to be presented, debated and voted on, then it will still be the same old Fast Track Authority.

We need to tell the Senator that we don't want to speed job destroying environmentally harmful,corporate trade agreement which attack the soverienity of the nations through Congress.  We expect, we demand full debates and then rejection of such agreements.

If you can't be at the rally, then please email and call his office with the messge that you are paying attention and that you expect him to represent you, not the corporate interests which drive the writing of agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership, the Trans Atlantic Free Trade Agreements and the Trade in Services Agreement.

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Let's hope modified FTA gonna

Let's hope modified FTA gonna produce good results with the support of the rally. lets join at a good amount.

RALLY: Push Back The Fast Track - March 9th

Senator Wyden "is negotiating with Senator Orrin Hatch on Fast Track legislation. If Wyden joins with Hatch he will provide cover to other Democrats by making this a bi-partisan bill. If Wyden does not join, the bill will be a Republican bill and they will have to push it through Congress on their own." - https://www.popularresistance.org/newsletter-when-people-mobilize-we-can...

Oregon has one of the highest unemployment rates in the U.S. so it's a particularly grievous betrayal of Oregon voters that Sen. Wyden "is negotiating with Senator Orrin Hatch on Fast Track legislation.

Oregonians can't afford another free trade agreement so please join the MARCH 9th RALLY, "Push Back THE Fast Track":

Rally: Push Back the Fast Track
Monday, March 9 at 5:30pm
Director Park in Portland, Oregon
SW Taylor St at SW Park Ave, Portland, Oregon 97205

- https://www.facebook.com/events/347688055425980

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